Wasp Treatments

There are two common types of wasps in the Perth metro area; Paper Wasps and Mud Wasps. We also have European wasps, however these need to be reported to the health department as they are a controlled species.

Paper wasps make a nest that looks like paper and in a honeycomb shape. They build these anywhere and everywhere, however most commonly under fence capping, against patio beams and in sheds. Once eradicated paper wasps do not return to a used nest. A new colony will build a new nest.

Mud wasps, as the name suggests, build nests out of mud. These regularly get mistaken as hornets. There is no true species of hornet in Western Australia. They are generally single nesters and once the larvae have hatched, they go out and build their own nest.

Treatment for both types of wasp includes spraying the nest directly to eradicate the colony.

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