Rodent Treatments

Rats and mice are very common in the Perth metro area. Although they are both classed as rodents, they are very different.

Mice most commonly live inside the house. Living in and behind built in cupboards finding any food scrap to eat and even eating through packets of food in your cupboards. They also like to live in and around bird cages and other pet cages for easy food. They eat mostly seeds and grain products but also expand their diets on occasion.

Rats on the other hand are most commonly found in the home, either under the floor or up in the roof. They nest in both these areas and are seldom found in the house itself. They also live outside and make nests in and around bird cages. They like to eat fruits and vegies, and palm nuts.

Rats are very common in older areas that have a lot of fruit treats and chicken coops. They get up into your roof and under your floors for shelter and warmth. Rats are very smart and are very suspicious of new things in their environment, so it can take time for them to take baits. They also learn quickly that one of my mates ate that and died so they stop eating it.

Rats don’t eat things for the sake of it; they eat because their body needs something, which can make them hard to treat.

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